Project Completion - Port Campbell Suspension Bridge

Posted on Monday 21st September 2020

Project Completion - Port Campbell Suspension Bridge

In 2018 we began early discussions with Simpson Constructions about an upcoming project called the Port Campbell Suspension Bridge. At this stage, we were already in a supply and install contract with Simpson for the Beavers Road Cable-Stayed Bridge in Melbourne. The early tender called for structural cables (FLC) with sockets and hangers to support the bridge. We had several design challenges on this project such as the 100-year design life, significant environmental impacts including corrosion, and some small design changes around the main cables and the connection details.

Port Campbell- Aerial View

Working with Arup, Denton Corker Marshall Architects, Simpson Construction and Redaelli we were able to share knowledge from similar projects around the world. Our experience informed alternative options around connecting the main FLC cables to the towers.

Originally the design called for the cables to be guided over a large steel saddle on the top of the tower. After discussions, AWG and Redaelli were able to work with the engineers to move to an alternative design splitting the main cable into two backstays and one main cable which would be discontinuous and connected at the towers. Once the final design was approved AWG and Redaelli were awarded the contract to supply and install the structural cables for this brand new iconic suspension bridge in Victoria.


The approved design incorporated:

  • 2 main cables of 48mm Full Locked Coil (FLC) with TTF Sockets on both ends which spanned between the two towers. 
  • 4 main cables of 48mm Full Locked Coil (FLC) with TTF-TBF Sockets on each end. These spanned from the Pier to the abutment anchor. 
  • 34 hanger cables of 16mm Full Locked Coil (FLC) with TTF-TBF Sockets on each end. These spanned from the cable clamps on the main cables to the bridge deck. 

Port Campbell- Cable Data

Port Campbell- Fittings Data

All cables were supplied with a typical Galfan coating. Due to the required minimum corrosion resistance we supplied Redaelli's Tensocoat product which is an Aluminum coating applied during and after the installation of the cables. It’s a compound of aluminium micro-flakes and SACI 500 (Severe Atmosphere Corrosion Inhibitor) and Resin which combines the anticorrosive, waterproof and reflective properties of Aluminium micro-flakes to those of SACI 500. The Tensocoat Wax – Aluminium is typically applied by brush after cleaning of the cable or of the part to be protected; the application can be executed during and after the installation and for maintenance. Tensocoat has high flexibility and it is suitable to seal the outside interstices among the wires. The colour is light aluminium metallic grey.
Tensocoat can be removed for inspection, by cleaning with white spirit or other solvents and brush, and it can then be reapplied afterwards. The product permanently maintains its waxy and flexible condition.



Early in the design stage stainless steel ferruled mesh with perimeter cables were included into the concepts and illustrations. With the help of our Victorian sub-contractor Bespoke Wire and Rope we were able to give Simpson Constructions an architecturally designed and engineered balustrading solution with our Flexi-Mesh products. Working with Partridge Engineering and Bespoke Wire and Rope we were able to engineer the balustrade to comply with all local building codes for balustrading and fall protection. 

AWG supplied all of the Flexi-Mesh, hamma X 1x19 wire rope and hamma Industrial fittings for the balustrade with Bespoke Wire and Rope supplying and installing the compliant balustrade. With the engineering completed and all testing data available, Bespoke Wire Rope delivered a fantastic balustrade that the public will love for years to come. Flexi-Mesh and hamma are made from the highest quality KOS (Korea's Original Stainless) stainless steel wire rope which meets the design requirements around corrosion resistance. 



The $3.2 million Parks Victoria project provides year-round connection and safe access from the fluctuating creek flow between the Port Campbell township to the Discovery Trail and Port Campbell National Park. A big thanks to Shaun Salmon our Operations Manager who was instrumental in the delivery of this project alongside Tim Garrecht from Simpson Constructions who delivered a truly incredible bridge and we are glad to be apart of it. We hope everyone is as impressed as we are on this project and we hope there are many more to come.

For more information about our stainless steel products for bridges and other applications call our expert team on 1800 272 879.

Sales Manager 

Josh Sheedy



Redaelli Cable Brochure

Redaelli Sockets Brochure   Port Campbell Project Card



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