hamma Industrial Catalogue Release

Posted on Friday 24th July 2020

hamma Industrial Catalogue Release

Releasing the new hamma industrial catalogue. The catalogue is the go-to reference for all hamma industrial products.

Manufactured by global leader Kinzi and distributed exclusively by the Arcus Wire Group across Australasia, hamma industrial products feature a 10-year guarantee.

Products included in this catalogue are;

  • D Shackles
  • Bow Shackles
  • Long D Shackles
  • Halyard Shackles
  • Twisted Shackles
  • Swivels
  • Wire Rope Grips
  • Thimbles
  • Snap Hooks
  • Spring Hooks
  • Round Rings
  • Pad Eyes
  • Eye Bolts
  • Eye Nuts
  • Turnbuckles
  • Rigging Screws
  • Swage Eyes
  • Swage Forks 
  • Plus many more

Download Catalogue

With over 55 years’ experience, our knowledge and experience enables our expert team to provide unrivaled support for any stainless steel project no matter the size or complexity. Today our hamma® products are used by riggers to support masts on some of the world’s largest ocean going yachts, engineers to support multi-lane suspension bridges for vehicles and pedestrians, architects to support innovative structural designs, landscapers to support shade sails and arbours, farmers to support wide-load, travelling irrigation systems, and many, many more applications. "We don't just aim to meet your expectations and project requirements; we strive to succeed them while providing remarkable value." David Sheedy, CEO.

For more information about our stainless-steel wire ropes and fittings call our expert team on 1800 272 879.

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